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Bid Search Service

Our Tender Search Service identifies best opportunities in the market for you to submit a Tender for businesses. Our latest system and exert teams search the entire Indian market and pull computer generated lists and applies another level of sorting to ensure only opportunities which meet your business criteria are sent for your attention.

Our Tender Search Service has proven over few years to save Client’s time and improve success rates. By outsourcing this we help people to grow their businesses, through the selection of appropriate Tenders.

Search Criteria will be determined by your offering, preferences, turnover, target markets, previous experience, specialization and their growth strategy.

You will receive regular updates on our Search work and as soon as an opportunity meets your criteria, we will send it onto you to make the final ‘Bid-No-Bid’ decision.

Find More Government Contracts. Start Receiving Perfectly Matched Bids as per your businesses Today.

GeM Registration Steps

Documents Required for Vendor Registration on GeM.

We understand the steps of tender submission process and we work as per the process that saves your time and efforts.

There are number of reasons to choose Tender Supports Services:-
The most common reasons are:

• To Maximize Quality Score and Seek Improvements

• Easy Documentation Process

• Tender / Bid Summary

• Tender / Bid Submission

• Lack of Time or Daily Work Routine getting in stuck the way

• Lack of Internal Resources / Required Knowledge
• To Improve Win Rates

• To get the right tender information

• Bid Strategy

• Training and Development

• Many More….

Below is a list of Industries we have considerable experience both with sourcing Tenders and Writing/Reviewing/Managing Responses:

• Building Maintenance

• Business Services Tenders

• Construction Tenders

• Grounds Maintenance Tenders

• Heating and Gas Maintenance

• IT Tenders

• NHS Tenders

• Printing and Signage Tenders

• Professional Services Tenders

• Social Care Tenders

• Waste and Recycling Tenders

• Road Safety Tenders

• Marketing and Media Tenders

• Plumbing and Drainage Tenders

• Recruitment Tenders

• Building and Engineering Service Tenders

• Financial and Protection Tenders

• Solar Panels and Energy Tenders

• Education Tenders

• Health and Wellbeing Tenders

• Social Housing Tenders

• Data and Technology Tenders